Joyce Cooling   

The first Artist to appear is one of my absolute favorites.  I first heard Joyce at the Mall of America in Minnesota and I was completely blown away.  her style was incredible and it reminded me of some of the masters like Grant Green, Howard Roberts and Herb Ellis to name a few.

    A few months ago I was going through some of my CD's and found Joyce' CD, titled "This Girl's Got To Play".  This CD contains some of her finest work.  I hope that you will enjoy checking out this incredible artist.

 Check out Joyce's latest CD.


“…the reining queen of contempo guitar…”
–Guitar Player Magazine
“A versatile guitarist who can play prickly, notey runs as effortlessly as swooping lyrical melodies…”
–Jazz Times

Joyce Cooling

"Best of all, Cooling managed – in an era of brightly shining guitar stars – to glow with a uniquely personal creative energy of her own.”
–Los Angeles Times
"Jazz guitarist looks good, sounds even better...Joyce is the real deal. You can hear in her soloing that she is familiar with the jazz guitar tradition. This music will sell itself..."
–Chicago Sun-Times
Joyce Cooling